Dog Walker Job Description Template


We are looking for a reliable dog walker to walk dogs according to times specified by dog owners. The dog walker’s responsibilities include safely transporting dogs to and from their homes, providing clean water and food as required, and wiping dogs’ paws after every walk. You should also be able to seek immediate veterinarian attention should any dog become sick or injured while under your care.

To be successful as a dog walker, you should be able to walk multiple dogs of various sizes and breeds. Ultimately, a top-performing dog walker will comply with clients’ special requests, and ensure that all dogs are treated with love and care.


Dog Walker Job Responsibilities:


  • Walking multiple dogs in various weather conditions.
  • Conducting consultations with new clients and completing client information forms.
  • Regularly recording information specifying which dogs were walked, the duration of the walks, and if there were any unusual or abnormal observations.
  • Safely transporting dogs to and from their homes.
  • Picking up and disposing of pet waste.
  • Ensuring that all dogs have fresh water and food as required.
  • Scheduling suitable times to walk dogs.
  • Taking all necessary precautions to ensure that the dogs and those around them are safe.
  • Providing regular updates to clients, which includes sharing photos, videos, and locations.
  • Notifying owners if dogs become sick or injured before, during, or after walks.


Dog Walker Requirements:


  • High school diploma or GED is preferred.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Clean driving record.
  • Proven experience working with dogs.
  • Working knowledge of positive reinforcement training.
  • Sound understanding of dog behavior.
  • Available to walk dogs during peak walking times.
  • The ability to walk for long periods of time.
  • Patient, punctual, and reliable.
  • Trustworthy and responsible.