Ms.Mendoza is an entrepreneur with a global vision.


It was on the 4th wave of COVID 19 pandemic, known as Omicron. Specifically, on DECEMBER 7, 2021, that makes way for the inception of D’SOFT DOMINION LTD. It is coined after ”D” DYNAH, “SOFT” SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, “DOMINION” the power to rule a governed territory or country, and in biblical point of view it is being the highest form of angelic hierarchy. LIMITED in a sense that we’re gathered here today to overcome the limited funding, and to pave ways for solutions, innovation, and technology resources.

The company, D’SOFT DOMINION LTD (DSDL) is based on a fierce idea of the owner MS. Mendoza, to create and establish a company that will result to enhance people’s lives through modern education, employment and ultimately, migration that can be profoundly established only in CANADA being it the host country of the CEO, and its business partners.

Trustworthy staff, inquisitive, articulate, talented, highly ambitious students, mothers and fathers, children, a community of people, workers, professionals, tourists around the globe & D’SOFT DOMINION LTD. Rooted from a common purpose, to enrich one’s life and experience, from family and friends worldwide as one BIG TEAM!


You are here to be a steward of greatness and attain supremacy for a noble cause.

CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to our world, DSDL where new adventure awaits!